The Sing! Smule is an application which combines karaoke with music video. The Sing! Smule is an excellent application for music enthusiasts, especially for those who love singing at the karaoke center. This application brilliantly turns Android and iOS platform into a real karaoke machine. The best thing about it is its wide range in song selection; it includes well-known titles as well as less popular songs.

The Sing! Smule's popularity has been rising drastically ever since Jessie J became a partner artist and did her video open call, which enabled every fan to join her in Sing! It was a big hit, and her video has become viral ever since. Following her footsteps were fellow international singers such as Charlie Puth, Michael Learns to Rock, Neyo, and many local singers from countries all over the world.


Since Sing! Smule users are growing rapidly nowadays, Smule community group called L0YaL, and Najis Manja Media from Indonesia have teamed up to create the SCAs. Previously, Najis Manja has held the Indo Smuleans Choice Awards #ISCA2016 , which was only awarding Indonesian smulers. This time around, they decided to go global, and the awards will be open to all smule users around the world!

There will be 10 categories included. The panel of evaluators will choose the top 10 nominees per category, and the community will have a chance to vote for their favorite. The award categories are as follows: